Simon Haldon

Simon Haldon

Simon Haldon

Gamer, musician, and software developer

A vinyl-enthusiast, bearded real ale drinker, boardgamer and banjo-player who works for a software company, you may be tempted to pigeonhole Simon as some kind of nerd.

You’d be quite right.

In 2007 Simon published a browser-based game website called Imperium Nova. Although not in active development for some time and now hopelessly out-dated, the site is still popular with a small community of players, some of whom have been active since the site first went Live!

The Ideal Gift

The best (affordable) gift for someone would have to be something the recipient never knew he or she wanted – because otherwise they’d probably already have got hold of it! The better you know the intended recipient of the gift, the more likely it is you can find something that falls within this sweet spot.

Expert Interests

  1. Board Games
  2. Role-playing Games
  3. Vinyl Records

Other Interests

  1. Beer
  2. Computing
  3. Musician