Become an Expert

Want to be an expert?

Show off your expertise by suggesting the best gifts for people in your interst community. If you have a blog on a particular interest, or are active in an online community (forum or reddit moderator for example) – then we’d love to hear your expert voice.

We’re sure in the past you would have received well-meaning but either novelty or unsuitable gifts related to your are of interest, or more often, people will avoid the area all together. Help fix this by letting the world know what gifts to buy people like you.

Who Can Contribute?

You don’t need to be a professional in your field to become an expert. We’re all experts in many things we have a passion for. It may be something you do as a job, or it might just be something you love to do as a hobby. The important thing is that you know what would be interesting, useful and appreciated gifts for someone in your community and want to share that with others.

Why Contribute?

As an expert on the site you will get:

How do I become an expert?

Let us know by dropping us an email to [email protected]