Frequently Asked Questions


Does Expertly Chosen get paid to list gift suggestions?

We don't get paid to list products on the site, they are all chosen by our experts for being great gifts and not for any financial reward. We do get a commission on some items where available, but gift suggestions are chosen whether or not a commission is available.

I'm buying a gift for someone who is into [some interest] - can you add this as an interest category?

Certainly! If there is enough interest we'll find an expert to curate the gifts. Let us know at [email protected].

Can I send you my product to list on your site? It's really great.

Yes, you can certainly send us a sample of your product to try out, but we cannot guarantee it will be listed. Our experts are the ones who get to decide if they think it's great ;)

You can send sample products to:

Expertly Chosen
The Office Club
Copeland Park
133 Copeland Road
SE15 3SN

Being an expert

Do experts get freebies / samples?

Generally, no. Experts suggest products they know about or have used and know are good. We do sometimes get product samples sent to us to try, which we forward onto the appropriate expert to evaluate, but this shouldn't be expected.

Do experts have to contribute regularly?

There is no commitment to contribute regularly. The more products an expert suggests the more exposure they get, so it is up to them to contribute more in the future if they wish.

Will you attribute gifts to experts that they didn't suggest themselves?

We won't say an expert has recommended a product unless they have. Sometimes we might find a cool gift ourselves and will send it to the expert to see if its something they recommend, and if so it will be added to their profile.

As an Expert can I suggest my own product as a gift?

If you have your own products you cannot recommend these as gifts, as the expert advice must be unbiased. Your expert profile however will contain links back to your own site, where people may buy your products.

How many gifts do I need to suggest?

We ask for a minimum of 5 gift ideas from each expert, but we're looking for quality over quantity, so if you just have a couple that are great, with really good write ups then we'll be happy to add them.

How much do I need to write?

The descriptions for each gift are generally 50-150 words each.

Can I be an expert?

If you have an online presence proving your knowledge in your area then sure, send us an email to [email protected].

Do you accept experts for interests not listed on your site?

Absolutely, we'd like to cover as many interests as possible, send us an email [email protected].