Gravity Cakes! - Create 45 Amazing Cakes

Learn how to create show stopping gravity defying cakes
Gravity Cakes! - Create 45 Amazing Cakes - Learn how to create show stopping gravity defying cakes

For the ultimate in show stopping cakes, look no further than these cakes that seemingly defy gravity. And while it may look as though parts of it are literally floating in mid-air, it's really just simple scaffolding (plastic balloon sticks, straws or bamboo stick concealed within the cake or disguised with icing) that creates the spell-binding illusion.

These cakes are fun, beautiful and sure to be the star attraction at any celebration or get together. And while they may seem complicated, they really aren't. Each of the 45 cake projects features step-by-step instructions with a photo for each step -- making it a surprisingly easy process.

With full color throughout, these projects will spark the imagination and provide loads of decorating inspiration. There's a cake for virtually every event and occasion from children's parties and showers, to graduation and barbecues. Whether it's a Father's Day barbecue cake featuring burgers and a sausage that looks like it's about to be flipped over or a Christmas-inspired cake featuring Santa stuck in a chimney with gifts flying away, these cakes are awe-inspiring.

Mastering these techniques is easy with this book, leading to unique designs.

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