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Found 67 gifts for with All Interests at $0 - $20
Found 67 gifts for with All Interests at $0 - $20

The Danish Dough Whisk

The quintessential hand mixer for all your baking needs from pizza, pie crusts, pasta, delicate pastries, or artisan sourdough loaves and biscuits

Sunprint Kits

Get creative and explore the science of the camera-less photographic printing process known as cyanotype

Pure Gallium

Gallium is a metal which almost instantly melts in your hand! It feels like mercury but is non-toxic.The perfect gift for physics students, science lovers

5 Blade Pastry Blender

Get ready for better texture and taste from all of your baked goods. Make flakier and fluffier biscuits, pie crust, pizza dough, scones...