Rooftop Film Club

Rooftop Film Club

Rooftop Film Club

Outdoor rooftop film experience screening classic, cult and recent film releases

The No.1 outdoor screening blockbuster Rooftop Film Club returns this summer for another film-filled season of classic, cult and recent releases on the finest rooftops.

Film lovers are able to eat fabulous food, enjoy cold drinks and watch their favourite movies on the big screen as the stars begin to sparkle, this really is an incomparable film experience in the fresh air of a warm summer's night.

Whether it's a cult movie with your mates or a rom-com with your other half, the Rooftop Film Club has something for everyone.

Our big screen, high quality wireless headphones and comfy seats mean you can sit back, relax and experience film like never before in these completely unique urban environments.

Expert Interests

  1. Cult Classic Movies
  2. Movie Geek